lucky stick

From the authentic Tulgey Woods in England, these are unique and authorised and beyond imitation. Some say "beyond limitation" too!

Your unique Tulgey Wood Lucky Stick will bring you luck in whichever sphere you apply it.  Your life, your choice.



Each stick is borne of coppiced hazel (the most powerful) meaning it has contributed to biodiversity and is in harmony with life (scientists call this sustainability).  The Karmic points are at 100%.

Each stick is hand cut and imbued with that most vital ingredient - love.



The Lucky Stick is very handy - it fits into your hand.  It will also fit nicely into your purse or trouser pocket.  Or if you prefer, it can be left at home on a shelf - or even in a drawer.

[for the cynics out there, don't worry - these Lucky Sticks are lucky even if you don't believe]


10 year guarantee!

We are so confident in the power of these Lucky Sticks that if, after ten years you do not agree that your Lucky Stick has given you luck, we will give you a 100% refund.

Buy with confidence.  The ten year guarantee says these Lucky Sticks are lucky - even if you don't believe.


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The Lucky Stick can be yours for just £5 (+£1 p&p).  However, your financial sacrifice helps to charge the Lucky Stick's powers.  Therefore, if you can afford £5 easily, then we recommend you consider paying a little more.  The more you sacrifice, the luckier your stick becomes!


Lightening Fast

Click the payment button now and because of the wonders of the internet, your very own Lucky Stick will know and start working for you straight away.


Act Now

Don't hesitate.  There are literally millions of people on the planet RIGHT NOW who do not have a Lucky Stick.  We could sell out at any moment. 

WARNING do not ever under any circumstances, intentionally burn your Lucky Stick.

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Pssst... Want a FREE stick?  We send a FREE Lucky Stick with FREE p&p to everyone who donates £6 or more to the Tulgey Woods project.
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All income from sales and donations is ploughed back into the project.  It's all good!

Thank you.

a smiling face


Two watchful owls
Ensconse in their tree
And guard Tulgey wood every night

One looks to the left             
For signs of who knows
And one keeps his eyes to the right

They safeguard the badgers
The hedgehogs and frogs,
And chastise the chattering mice

They discourage  the moths
Low flying … You know…
The ones with the shiny red eyes

Aye two Tulgey owls,
With safety in mind,
Eavesdrop every night in their nest

One harks to the right
For sounds of who knows
And one bends an ear to the left.

F.M.Remmer  2015