a smiling cartoon of a spider and his wife


We found an empty Tortoise Shell
In Tulgey Woods one evening
We wondered where the Owner was
And where he might be heading

A passing Spider and his Wife
Laughed at our concern
“Why, he stepped out for a breather sir
Pray wait for his return"

a leaf with a bagan empty shell

a doormouse running wearing a hat

An Exhilarating Day

A Tulgey Wood Dormouse
Resented the way
He was programmed to sleep
For most of the day

He yearned for adventure
Perhaps that’s why he
Unprogrammed himself
And went off on a spree

He laughed in delight
As he whizzed through the trees
Where he twizzled and whistled
And did as he pleased…

Oh, he spreed and fast spreed
‘Til he fell in a heap
Then contentedly programmed
Himself back to sleep


a witch sits in the woodsA Letter From The Outer Hebrides

Fourteen Moles a’quaking
Six frightened Worms and I
Were swapping ghostly stories
‘neath a darkened Tulgey sky

Scaring one and other
(T’was  on All Hallows Eve)
When suddenly a proper ghost
Came gliding through the trees!!,

A proper ghost! Afloating!
All misty round about…
The screaming Moles fast tunnelled,
The sighing Worms passed out

I myself, eyes  goggling,
Began a frantic sprint
A cloud of dust blew up and I’ve
Been running ever since

sincerely,  an expat  Tulgey Mouse






rich spider

 The Spiders Tale

A Tulgey Wood Mouse

With a penny to spare

Decided to spend it on ME !!!

She bought a long bun
In a crinkly bag
And sent it, with love, for my tea

Such kindness deserves
A gift in return
Of that there is nary a doubt

So I sneaked Mistress Mouse
A free Lucky Stick

(And don’t care
If Sid Remmer
Finds out)


little stick


More to come....

In the meantime, you can see more of F.M.Remmer's warm and enchanting work here:  http://www.poggie.co.uk/

Tulgey Staff

Our work is to steward the land. We couldn't do this without the help of our friends, neighbours and volunteers. We are all the Tulgey family. Our work is to steward the land. We couldn't do this without the help of our friends, neighbors and volunteers. We are all the Tulgey family.

I like self regulating systems
I like to rescue things
I like Dave
I'm liking the worms
I like hard work